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AGRISEA Bee Nutrition


• Available in l, 5, 20, 100, 200 and lOOO litres

• A balanced, ORGANIC source of essential nutrients

• Stronger bee health, Population and production

• Can be combined with syrup and pollen supplements

• New Zealand’s top selling seaweed bee nutrition

Enhance your hive health, reduce losses and raise your bee population with AgriSea Bee Nutrition.


Made from a native NZ seaweed Ecklonia radiata, Agrisea is batch brewed to maintain the balance of the amino acid, minerals, vitamins and essential trace elements.  The result is an active and stable total bee nutrition.  The easy uptake of AgriSea Bee Nutrition strengthens your hives, especially in winter.


Sustainable and easy to use AgriSea Bee Nutrition is sustainably produced in New Zealand.  It’s easy to use, great for top feeders with a bee saver, or frame feeders with a ladder.  Mix 30ml per litre when you're adding it to sugar syrup or lOOml per lkg pollen supplements.

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